[Diary #4] 140209 ; MILKY WAY ENCORE in Paris {Hakyeon biased}


So here my fanaccount for the MKE, I’m sure I forgot many things or didn’t notice several things since I was watching Hakyeon all the time~ That’s why this is really a hakyeon focus biased fanaccount. /and i’m still shaking while writing it though it’s been 3 days the showcase ended/ I tried to split my fanacc according to the tracklist but I’m not sure to remember what happened in each song, so that’s why not all the songs aren’t appearing. My mind, memory and brain aren’t correctly working these days.. Please forgive me~ ㅠㅠ

First showcase, first korean concert {well i’m not taking the midem as a concert since it was purely professional?}, first time to really know how it feels to spend 1 hour and 30 minutes with a group and doing interactions, fan talking, fan projects. I’m not gonna tell you in details about the before-showcase like what really happens because it could be quite boring already, just that I spent this special day most of the time with khao, ducky, celine and patri. We arrived at 6:30am, we waited for 12 or 13 hours in the coooooooooold ;~; They were a bit late too, instead of 5:30pm the early access line entered at 6pm or 6:30pm? And we arrived inside around 7pm while it was supposed to start at this hour. They started at 8pm~

Some impressive things that happened while queuing :
▪ First, a skater brought his loudspeaker and started to put VOODOO DOLL for us and we sing along with it. It was really surprising, I think none expect him to put VIXX for us. He also put a bit of Rock Ur Body, Hyde and On&On I think? {memory loss}.
▪ Second one, when VIXXTV’s 누나 recorded us for VIXXTV!!  We were split up in some groups maybe 5 or 6 ? It was according to the queue, and she filmed us waving, screaming and saying vixx at the camera. She was so cute running everywhere in the queue to record everybody Seriously we were like ” omfggggggg— are we really going to appear in vixx tv or something what’s happenin-??????? ” we went crazy ;u; The second time she asked us to scream ” we love vixx ” and we had to do it once again a bit louder. That was reaaaaaaaaally fun to do it! {I think I’m going to cry again /and again/ because it would be too painful to watch the VIXXTV Paris episode} 

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[Diary #3 part 2] 140202 ; MIDEM Fanaccount


I decided to divide my fanaccount in two parts, because I guess it could have been too long for you to read and too boring. 

They put some different music including VIXX’s one ( Voodoo Doll -and many fans were like OMG not the MV I can’t watch it- Rock Ur Body, On&On and Super Hero -maybe others i don’t remember ;~;- ) 
As time passed, I felt even more exciting, I couldn’t even realize I was in Cannes. Few minutes before it starts, sis were wondering where Leo would appear when they stand in line where he is most of the time and according to my memories from showcase, interviews, pictures I told her he was at the extreme right. She quite /whined/ ask me to go there because she wanted to see him really badly. We moved to the right side and fortunately there were less people on this side  than in the middle/center so we could be closer to the stage ( and shorter people hehe )

At 8pm, the lights turned off and they finally opened the backstage’s door and appeared. The audience went wild, seriously we were already screaming so loud. It was like omg zeofkeokdfogzerfez. I was so excited to see him that I can’t even remember who entered first or what. According to my On&On’s fancam, Jaehwan was the first one to go on stage followed by Hongbin.

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So my sister (@hotchakyeon) won two places for the midem in Cannes and I wanted to write a fanaccount because too much feels. It’s fucking long and disorganized, I tend to ramble a lot and I’m Leo biased (take it as a warning? ^^;)

In summary

- They are all handsome and perfect. And amazing live. And tall ** 

- They were so close ugh. Sometimes during songs the boys move forward and I’m pretty sure the girls right in front of the stage could stretch their arms and literally touch them. But they didn’t and we were all well behaved!

- The fanchants were loud, especially during Voodoo Doll, Rock Ur Body and Ravi’s raps in general, and the boys were pleased (Hakyeon, Hongbin and Wonshik in particular). Also once Honbgin laughed at us because we weren’t in sync and Hakyeon because we were wrong meanie

- They were nervous at first but more relaxed after their solos.

- Sadly they weren’t singing live but lip-synching, except for the solos and Leo a bit maybe?

- Their English is cute. Hakyeon and Ravi sounded the most “natural” (they didn’t stutter a lot). I know that Hongbin has the best English but he was nervous.

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Happy 4th Anniversary ZE:A!

My ZE:A, My Love, My Joy and Happiness, My Knight and Shiny Armors. It’s been a great 4 years being with you lovely guys. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face through all my hard times. Who would have known that 9 random guys would make someone feel so much love. I smile whenever I hear your songs, voices, faces, names, laughs, etc.. Everything about you guys is perfect (don’t ever change) and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Thank you for existing and being in my life. Lets go on as ZE:A and ZE:A’s together through thick and thin, good or bad, we’ll always be with one another, maybe not physically but mentally. I hope that this year will the year of ZE:A! All your hard work will soon be paid off, just wait a little longer. ^^ No matter what anyone says about you guys, always keep your head up high, walk tall and prove them wrong, they’ll see all the hard work ya been through and will love and appreciate you guys even more. I love you guys. Lets work hard this year. Fighting! Happy 4th Anniversary my 9 Angels.




Happy 4th Anniversary ZE:A!

Fly up again, I’ll be your star, now let me go – someday again
Fly up again, I will shine only on you continuously in your dreams every day, every night
Like the birds in the sky, I won’t lose my way – I’ll shine on your heart and I’ll become a star
Though I don’t know how far I need to go, fly

To nine adorable, dorky yet incredibly hard working and stunningly handsome princes, who have given me countless reasons to smile and impacted my life in a way I never would have imagined.

You guys were one of the last groups I expected myself to fall in love with but now I wish I had done it sooner. Each of you has his own incredible charm and is just lovely and gorgeous in his own way - which is actually one of the things that caught my attention … each of you just tugs at my heartstrings (some slightly more than others) and it drives me crazy. XD

Even though I became a fan only recently, it is insanely evident how much the nine of you have improved and I am so very proud of you boys. The beautiful bond you guys have always makes me smile (and sometimes a bit teary eyed) - you shine brightest as nine ^_^

My life has gotten better since you boys entered it. Just the sound of your voices or laughs can brighten up my days… but then the sight or thought of you crying or being upset just breaks my heart. >_<.

I won’t ever stop loving and supporting you, ZE:A. Don’t give up. Keep smiling. Keep shining. One day.. you’ll shine so bright… brighter than the rest. It may seem small, but I honestly believe that all your hard work is finally starting to pay off. Hyungsik winning MBC’s Rookie Award was just the beginning. 

No matter what happens though… you will always be stars to me ♥ 

You’re the only one, the shining star in my sky

Moon Junyoung, Im Siwan, Kevin Kim, Hwang Kwanghee, Kim Taeheon, Jung Heechul, Ha Minwoo, Park Hyungsik and Kim Dongjun..

I appreciate and adore each and every one of you. ZE:A wouldn’t be ZE:A without each of you. Thank you for being the beautiful, wonderful and incredible hardworking beings that you are. Thank you for lighting up my world.. especially in its darkest hours. Thank you for these four amazing years… here’s to another four and many more.


Empire of ZE:A Live in Yokohama Episode 3: "Someday..."

cr: Sara YSF


Happy 4TH anniversary to ZE:A ♥

Thank you so much for these wonderful four years. We, ZE:A Styles, will keep supporting you, we’ll keep cheering you on and we’ll keep making wishes for your success until one comes true and you’ll shine brightly as nine - just as you do in our hearts. ZE:A~ Hwaiting!

happy 4 years to the 9 idiots 9 amazing guys who make ZE:A ♥